SOMEONE LOVES YOU / someone loves you


Maybe you said it a thousand times, maybe never. Type the recipient's email address and click send.
Even though they won't know who sent it, they will know they are loved.

The message that will be displayed.

Someone loves you. (Just wanted you to know)

If you haven't typed an email address in the first 5 seconds, take a quick look down below. Maybe it'll change your mind.

Why should I do this?

Because everybody should know they're loved. It Doesn't matter by whom. We all should know that somebody out there loves us, or may love us. Maybe that's what we all need the most, to know we're loved!

So, he/she will not know who I am ?

Nope. We won't tell. We don't really know who you are anyway. If you want her/him to know who you are, you can always send an email from your account.
Plus, if you love someone, go say so!

How can I be sure that there won't be any other message than what's being shown up there?

Well if you have any doubts, why don't you try to send a message to your own email address? Plus you gotta love yourself first, right?

What if the email addresses are used for advertorial purposes.

Nope. Won't happen... We're talking about love here, why ruin a good thing with ads? Seriously, we won't corrupt love with ads. The decision is yours.

What happens when I send the message?

Probably not a lot, at least on your end. But the person who receives it will know and enjoy living with the fact that he/she is loved by someone. Isn't that worth sending it ?

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